Water Quality infomation.

Each year, we publish a Water Quality Report to share important information with you about our drinking water. In this report, you’ll find information on the source of our water, how we test for possible harmful bacteria, how we monitor the quality throughout the year, and what we have planned for ongoing protection of our water supply.

Our water supply is clean and safe, but if your home was built before 1985 (when lead-based solder was banned), it is a good idea to check your own pipes. Plus, when using your water, it is good idea to flush water that has been standing in the system for six hours or longer before using it for cooking or drinking.

If your home does not meet the “high risk” factors, you may still be at risk from lead leaching from brass faucets. You only need to run 6-8 ounces of water to flush what is inside the faucet.

Lakewood Water District is proud to offer our customers the highest quality drinking water that meets or exceeds all Federal, State and Local standards for quality. We are committed to helping protect our customer’s health. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 253-588-4423.

This is where you will find important information regarding the water quality and water quality reports.

Water Use Efficiency Rule

The State Department of Health has been directed to adopt an enforceable WUE program intended to achieve a high level of stewardship among all water suppliers, contribute to long-term supply reliability and public health concerns, and insure efficient operation and management of water systems. Below are the measures that Lakewood Water District has already implemented and also our goals for 2008.

  • Customer check for leak program residential
  • Customer check for leak program commercial
  • Public education via Lakewold Fair
  • Public education via District’s school outreach program
  • Annual Report articles on conservation
  • Indoor water audit, District office has dye tablets for toilets available
  • Consumption history on individual customer bills residential
  • Consumption history on individual customer bills commercial
  • Supplying free rain (sprinkler) gauges to customers

2008 WUE Goals

  • Implement a new annual leak detection program using new state of the art Perma-log technology the District recently purchased. The program will cover larger areas of the District than previous leak detection programs. The new program will insure the District’s continued compliance with the distribution system leakage (DSL) requirement of the WUE which requires a 10% or less DSL over a three year rolling average, The District’s current three year rolling average is less than 6%.
  • Continue the District’s source meter upgrade/replacement program. The installation of meters on the District’s wells further insures compliance with the DSL requirement of the WUE. At present rate (three per year), the program should be completed in 2012.

For additional information on the Washington State Department of Health Water Use Efficiency Rule, please click here.