Dec 03 2013

EPA Fire Hydrant Regulations


House Bill 3588 is heading to the Senate for a Vote soon.  HB3588 would block an EPA Act requiring all fire hydrants installed after January 4, 2014 to contain lead- free pipes.  This act could cost communities millions of dollar to replace hydrants that are currently available in their inventories.  Ohio Representative Bill Johnson states, “Water utilities have made it clear that they have two choices come January 4: fail to comply with federal law, or leave gaps in critical fire hydrant service.  No one should ever face that choice.”

The EPA Act was passed to ensure safe, lead-free drinking water to the American public.  Exemptions are in place for some fixtures that do not provide drinking water; however, fire hydrants are not currently on that exemption list.

We fully intend to provide the safest, lead-free drinking water to our customers, but we do not want to jeopardize the safety of our customers due to an Act that prohibits the use of current hydrants.  We also do not want to burden our customers with the enormous costs that new hydrants will generate if the Act goes into effect January 4, 2014.

Click Here for a sample letter that can be sent to Senators Murray and Cantwell urging them to support the passage of HB3588.  Please take the time out and write your Senators in support of the passage.

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