Lakewood Water District Launches Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

In the last edition of The Pipeline, we discussed the launching of a new program to provide our customers with some relief during troubling times. We are proud to announce the new Customer Assistance Program (CAP) will be available on May 1, 2015.
The CAP affords our customers the opportunity to donate funds to help those who may be in need of assistance in paying their water bill. The District has entered into a partnership with Living Access Support Alliance (LASA) located here in Lakewood. LASA’s Outreach Program is dedicated to helping those in the community with paying utility bills, assisting in payments for a bus ticket, and even rental and housing assistance. And we should not fail to mention, the program is managed by a valuable group of volunteers who are ready to lend a hand. While Lakewood Water District still has the lowest water rates in the surrounding areas, our customer service representatives here in the office know all too well of the many hardships and obstacles some of our customers endure, and that at times, paying the water bill can be a struggle. This is why we are excited about the CAP!
Lakewood Water District serves over 69,700 people in our service area, each a valuable member of our community which forms the very foundation of our District. We now have another opportunity to give back to the public and support those who support us. Donations will be accepted by anyone who wants to contribute to the CAP account, and they can be made directly on your billing statement, on our website, or in our office. The funds raised for the CAP will be designated exclusively for Lakewood Water District customers in helping them pay their water bill and will be administered by LASA. We hope this new program will provide our customers with a sense of comfort in knowing we are here to help our customers help each other, and we cannot wait for the success the program will have and the opportunities it will present.