Completed Capital Projects


Interstate 5 Crossing and Orient Street: (545)

Although the work was completed on this project in 2013, the District still had a great deal of negotiations on pricing, etc., with the significant changes to the project. These negotiations lingered into 2014 and were completed by the end of April to the satisfaction of the District as well as the contractor.


AMI upgrade and Full System Meter Exchange Program: Project (600/613)

The AMI Meter Replacement Program began in August 2014 and was completed in June of 2015. The program changed out all the water meters in the District that are on active accounts and that are more than 5 years old. Just under 10,000 meters will be changed out by the end of 2014. Ferguson Waterworks was the successful bidder for the supply and installation, and they subcontracted the installation out to Apex Covantage. The start of the install was rocky with considerably lower production than expected. Apex increased staff, and Ferguson brought in staff to assure completion of the installations by early/mid 2015.