Current Capital Projects


Ponders Wells Treatment Alternatives Evaluation

In 2015 Lakewood Water District collaborated with EPA, and the Departments of Ecology and Health to conduct an extensive study of the options to replace, relocate or abandon the Ponders treatment plant. This study concluded that replacing the existing treatment plant with new technology at the existing site was the best and most cost effective solution.

Please click the below link to view the complete study.

Ponders Wells Treatment Alternatives Evaluation.


Springbrook Water Main Upgrade

This project involves construction of a 16-inch water main in McChord Drive from the Ponders Well site to Bridgeport Way then west along Bridgeport Way from McChord Drive to San Francisco Avenue.  The new main would provide better water supply to the Springbrook area, including the increased fire flow necessary to meet City of Lakewood zoning requirements for the neighborhood in the vicinity of the Fir Acres Trailer Park where redevelopment of the area may occur.  The District received notice from the State Public Works Board that it has been selected for a Public Trust Fund Loan of $776,900 (85 percent of project cost) at 0.5 percent interest unless the State Legislature withdraws the offer.  Additional funding for this project will be recovered by the District through Board-approved Local Facilities Charges paid by those benefiting from the project. The engineering firm for this Project is Murray, Smith and Associates Inc.


New Water Main to Transfer the Fire Center to the 404 Zone

The Fire Center on Steilacoom Boulevard currently is served from the new 455 pressure zone.  When the Fire Center draws water during firefighter training, it causes significant impact on the adjacent pumping and control equipment.  Transferring theFireCenterwater service to the adjacent 404 zone will eliminate the erratic disruptive impact on the 455 zone.