AMI Is Here!

The District launched its AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) Meter Replacement Program on August 4, 2014 and completed the project in May of 2015. This project included enhancing nearly every residential and commercial water meter in Lakewood Water District with new, state-of-the art technology that can wirelessly communicate meter reads and water usage information to the District daily. This near real-time water usage data will provide heightened and expedited leak detection, enhanced customer service, cost savings, and many other efficiencies to the District and to you. Additionally, once the system is fully operational and online, a customer portal will be available where one can monitor his/her account online.

Apex CoVantage, the District’s installer, replaced all 5/8-inch residential meters in the District’s system. The new 5/8-inch meter being installed is a Sensus iPERL meter. Replacing old, perhaps leaking, under-registering meters with new, accurate meters will cut down on leakage in the District’s system and help the District reduce and better account for its unaccounted-for water as required by the State Water Efficiency Rule. For more details on how to read your iPERL meter, please click the link below…

Getting To Know Your iPERL Meter.

Sample AMI System

Sample AMI System

Our communities’ drinking water has remained safe throughout the project with limited interruptions as water was turned off at each residence to install new meters.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information. As always, you are welcome to email us at or call us at (253) 588-4423 if we can be of more assistance.
For more details on the program, its inception, and history, please click here.

Letter to Customers – July 2014.