2017 Flushing Schedule

Look for signs in your neighborhood indicating the day that you will possibly be affected by annual flushing in addition to checking here for areas and maps. This schedule will be updated weekly.

Week #7 Flushing: 5/8/2017 – 5/10/2017

Monday 5/8/2017
Area: Flush 121st, Winona, Lawndale from Vernon to 83rd Ave. All dead ends off of 83rd Ave.

Tuesday 5/9/2017
Area: Flush Veterans Dr from Vernon to Lake City Blvd, New Grove, Highland, Dolly Madison, Francis Folsom, Naomilawn, and Lake City Blvd.

Wednesday 5/10/2017
Area: Interlaaken from Washington to Veterans, Veterans Dr from 83rd to Gravelly Lake Dr. Gravelly Lake Dr to Veterans Dr to Hydrant in front of shop. Dubois Ave to Lakeland to Pine Street to Lakeholme, and to the Hydrant at the end of North St.

Week #7 Map

Flushing Map 6b

Week #6 Flushing: 5/1/2017 – 5/5/2017

Monday 5/1/2017
Area: Washington Blvd from well site to Gravelly Lake Dr, then to Hydrant just past Terry Road, 83rd from Washington to Wildwood, Wildwood, Moreland, 117th St Ct and any dead ends.

Tuesday 5/2/2017
Area: Huggins Meyer Rd to Lake City Blvd, then to Forest, 83rd Ave from Huggins Meyer to Forest, 116th St, Forest Ave, Vernon from Forest to 114th St. From 114th St, all side streets, and dead ends.

Wednesday 5/3/2017
Area: Holden from Lake Louise to 112th, 112th from Holden to 94th Ave Ct, 94th Ave Ct from 112th St to dead end, Holden from 112th to 116th St, 116th St from Holden to Hyd. In the school field, all side streets & dead ends.

Thursday 5/4/2017
Area: Holden Rd from 116th Street to Old Military, Forest Ave, Wildwood Ave, Old Military from Holden to 114th then from Holden to 9619 Washington, Farwest Dr, Masonic, 119th St, 120th St and all dead ends.

Friday 5/5/2017
Area: 9100 Block – 9800 Block of Washington Blvd, Vernon Ave from Washington Blvd – Dolly Madison, Edgewood Ave from Washington Blvd – Veterans Dr. Nottingham Ave from Washington Blvd – Veterans Dr. 121st St, Winona Ave, Lawndale Ave, Kenwood Ave, Newgrove Ave, North Lake Dr from Vernon Ave – Nottingham Ave.

Week #6 Map

Flushing Map 6b

Week #5 Flushing: 4/24/2017 – 4/28/2017

Monday 4/24/2017
Area: Butte Drive from 104th to Vernon, Butte Terrace, Dean Court, 109th Street and all side streets, 112th Street from Butte Drive to Lundstrom, 110th Street and 111th Street off of Deepwood Drive.

Tuesday 4/25/2017
Area: Dead end on 99th Avenue, 101st Avenue and 102nd Avenue above Lake Louise, Farwest from 101st Street to 97th Street and all side streets.

Wednesday 4/26/2017
Area: 100th Street and 108th Avenue, 108th from 101st to Old Military, 109th Avenue from 100th Street to Mt. Tacoma. Mt. Tacoma from Farwest to Rice Ct., Division, Marietta, Carver, Isaac Pincus, View Road, Farwest Drive, from Steilacoom Blvd to Mt. Tacoma and all side streets.

Thursday 4/27/2017
Area: Farwest Drive from Lakes High School to 112th, 112th from Military to closed valve on 112th. Old Military from 112th to 108th Ave., 107th Street Ct. off Lake Louise Drive, all dead ends, and side streets.

Friday 4/28/2017
Area: All of Arrowhead, Chateau in the Trees, Hunter’s Glen Apts. Start at 112th St or 108th Ave.

Week #5 Map

Flushing Map 6b

Week #4 Flushing: 4/17/2017 – 4/21/2017

Monday 4/17/2017
Area: Corner of 104th and Idlewild, Idlewild from 104th Street to 112th Street, 112th Street from Idlewild to 83rd Ave., Interlaaken from Lake Steilacoom Dr. to Washington. Lake Steilacoom Dr. from Interlaaken to Gravelly Lake Dr., Tower Road. From Lake Steilacoom Dr. to Gravelly Lake Dr., *Evergreen Terrace, Bernese, Lagoon Lane, and all dead ends.

Tuesday 4/18/2017
Area: 104th Street from Hipkins to Lake Louise Dr, and all side streets to the west.

Wednesday 4/19/2017
Area: Lake Louise Drive all around lake, and all dead ends.

Thursday 4/20/2017
Area: Glenwood Drive from 104th Street to 108th, Deepwood from 108th to 112th Street, Glenwood Drive from 108th down around to Williams Way, Hill Terrace Street, Rembert Court.

Friday 4/21/2017
Area: Wauna from 104th Street to 108th Street and around to 95th Ave. Ct., Cedrona to dead end, Twilight, Northstar, 112th Street from Northstar to Lundstrom, Kirkwood Drive, 92nd Ave. Ct., Westview, Westview Court.

Week #4 Map

Flushing Map 6b

Week #3 Flushing: 4/9/2017 – 4/14/2017

Sunday 4/9-10/2017 ***Night Flush*** 9:00pm – 4:30am
Area: Steilacoom Blvd from 87th Ave. to Lakewood Blvd and Lochburn Jr. High. All businesses have been notified via door hanger and flushing signs have been placed in the area.

No Flushing on Monday 4/10/2017 during daytime hours.

Tuesday 4/11/2017
Area: Hipkins from Steilacoom to 95th, Terrace from Steilacoom to Dalton. Full length of Lenox, Dalton, Haviland, Dresden Lane, Nixon from Hipkins to Elwood, and all dead ends, 92nd, Northway, 94th, 95th and Fir Glen.

Wednesday 4/12/2017
Area: Elwood from 95th to Angle Lane, Angle Lane to Hipkins, Hipkins from 95th to 104th, all side streets off of Angle Lane.

Thursday 4/13/2017
Area: Steilacoom Pt. Rd., Fairway, Leschi, Oakridge, Grammercy, Nixon, 88th St. Ct., and all side streets.

Friday 4/14/2017
Area: West Shore from Northway to Mt. Tacoma, Mt. Tacoma from west shore to Lake. Steilacoom Dr., to Lake. Steilacoom Dr. to Interlaaken Dr., Interlaaken to the bridge and to Beach Lane., hydrants on corner of Northway and Hipkins and South Way and Hipkins, and all dead ends.

Week #3 Map

Flushing Map 6b

Week #2 Flushing: 4/3/2017 – 4/7/2017

Monday 4/3/2017
Area: Zircon from Ruby to Amber, around Bluffs Apartments, hydrants at Country Club including Chambers Gardens.

Tuesday 4/4/2017
Area: Onyx Dr. from Phillips to Coral, Citrine from Ruby to end, Sapphire from Citrine to Coral, Coral from Onyx to Amber, Amber from Coral to Onyx Dr., all side streets and dead ends.

Wednesday 4/5/2017
Area: 75th St. from dead end to Phillips, Phillips from 75th to Turquoise, Turquoise from Phillips to hydrant at intersection of Onyx Dr., Onyx Dr. from Turquoise to Phillips, Phillips from Onyx to 75th St., Onyx from Turquoise to west end of Ruby, Ruby east to west, Topaz Loop and all side streets and dead ends, and hydrant at end of Phillips.

Thursday 4/6/2017
Area: Onyx Dr. from 87th and Onyx to Coral, Garnet from Onyx to 83rd, 83rd from Garnet to 79th St., from 83rd St. flush Garnet, Jade, 79th St., Emerald, Agate, 75th St. to Phillips Rd., Phillips Rd. from Jade to hydrant at north side of Hudtloff Jr. High. Includes all side streets and dead ends.

Friday 4/7/2017
Area: Phillips to Closed valve, main through Hudtloff Jr. High, Thunderbird Parkway and mains going through apartment complex going towards 83rd Ave.

Week #2 Map

Flushing Map 6b

Week #1 Flushing: 3/27/2017 – 3/31/2017

Monday 3/27/2017
Area: Onyx Dr. from Onyx Ct. to 87th, 81st St. from west to east, 87th Ave. from Onyx to firehouse, Brighton Place Apts., Beaumont Apts., Mt. Vernon Townhouses, Steeplechase Apts.

Tuesday 3/28/2017
Area: Zircon from Amber to 91st, 91st from Zircon to Onyx Dr., Sardonyx from Amber to 91st, all side streets and dead ends.

Wednesday 3/29/2017
Area: Onyx from 78th St to 100th Ave, all side streets and dead ends in between.

Thursday 3/30/2017
Area: Zircon from 100th Ave to 95th Ave., 95th Ave. from Zircon to Onyx Dr., 97th from Zircon to Onyx, 96th Ave via 73rd St., or 76th St., Coral Dr., 73rd and 72nd St., Cameo loop, 99th Ave. loop, 97th Ave. loop, all side streets and dead ends.

Friday 3/31/2017
Area: Zircon from 95th Ave. to Zircon and 91st, 93rd Ave. and 91st Ave. Ct. loops north and south, 93rd Ave. off of Onyx Dr. around 76th St. Ct., all side streets and dead ends.

Week #1 Map

Flushing Map 6b